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MSHA Certified

Accurate geospatial data assists mining engineers in the task of optimizing the site planning and material excavation of their quarry, pit or aggregate operation.  No tool surpasses the precision, efficiency and safety as does a drone.

Mining drone aerial UAS

Stockpile Management

As with any business venture, inventory management is a primary challenge in the mining industry.  From simple aggregate to coal, heavy metals and other mined materials, AFT can produce periodic aerial terrain models to safely and efficiently track your inventory.  This accurate and consistent data is invaluable to mining operators.

drone mining aerial volumetrics study
mining drone aerial mapping blasting

Hazard Identification

Since mining involves the removal of earthen materials, the work environment constantly changes.  Our drones remotely capture high-resolution imagery of difficult to access, hazardous, or high-traffic areas without placing personnel in these areas.  

Drones in mining can also assist the blaster-in-charge by verifying shot placement prior to blasting, as well as documenting pre-blast terrain and post blast results.

Additionally, these uncrewed systems can safely film blasts from perspectives impossible for conventional tripod mounted cameras.

Transit Optimization


The roadway network used to move people, equipment, and excavated minerals into and out of a mining site greatly influences operational efficiency.

Our drones capture extensive amounts of aerial data covering vast areas in short order.  Our teams work with site engineers to leverage this data to better plan, design, construct, and maintain these transport networks.

In mining, weather and round-the-clock vehicle passage causes existing roadways to degrade rapidly.  Identifying traffic jams can also benefit the mining operation by minimizing haul truck idle time.

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