Farming is the backbone of this great country. An enormous amount of intense labor is associated with farming. AFT feels we can relieve some of the work load. Obviously the best view of large acre partial is from the air, why not take advantage of utilizing that principle.
Our equipment data logs each flight so we can fly multiple missions throughout the growing season and provide detailed reports with each flight. With this data the farming operation can plan with an extremely high level of accuracy how to best prepare their fields for crop yields. 
We can offer aircraft for both short and long range capabilities. Having this ability to monitor crops as well as discourage pests could only lead to a more successful season. We could offer a real time video feed of your livestock without disrupting the herd. If trouble is spotted you would have an accurate GPS location as well as the best possible route to the scene. You could also assess the situation from above gaining pertinent information for tools needed to aide.
For any large track land owner we believe a personal UAV is almost a necessity for security as well as day to day operations. Please feel free to contact us with any idea or questions you might have with incorporating UAVs/UAS into your working farm.​


​Normalized Difference Vegetation Index or NDVI perfected during the 1970's NASA satellite era is now available for not just the major industrial farms. AFT can provide the same NDVI crop reports the majors have been using as a necessity tool for years. With this technology a farming operation can monitor, in real time; the following areas of their yield:


Field Inspections focusing on growth, maturity, moisture content


Predict with accuracy when dry down will occur


Pesticide and Fertilizer and Nitrogen performance as well as Field Trials


Accurate Elevation for Drainage Planning


Accurate Storm and Wind damage assessments for Insurance purposes


Scientific Soil Reports


Accurate crop counts and identification

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