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Progress Monitoring

From the first shovel to ribbon ceremony, monitoring your construction site is paramount to maintaining investor awareness, maintaining contractual milestones, and keeping ahead of unforeseen pitfalls.  Utilizing a progression study service to maximize your bottom line is becoming mandatory for both large and small scale projects. Weekly and monthly reports not only provide the most efficient contracting but also document years of beneficial above and below ground structural data for future development and service maintenance. The  benefits greatly outweigh the actual costs and can be packaged as a line item for the client. 


Wingtra Drone fixed wing aerial mapping mine

Originally obtained via full scale aircraft, UAVs have replaced the costly and time consuming archaic methods of the past. Now, general contractors can easily obtain critical data almost instantly through progression monitoring UAV based services. This greatly increase bottom line costs and offers new technology based incentives for future clientele. 


aerial image roundabout construction drone

Expertly flown aircraft can provide real-time data to project managers on the ground offering a birds-eye view of site progression. Periodic progression maps can be offered to document snapshots in time of the site throughout the building process. This data can be utilized during construction as well as decades later  when servicing or expanding the work site.


The minute long video to the left shows the tremendous benefits of progression monitoring. Here, our client requested monthly procession studies of a school renovation. This data will serve for decades to come. 

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