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U.S. National Security & Defense

Protecting our nation through uncrewed systems

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Autonomous Flight Technologies holds our national security above all else. With the creation of the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) dubbed "Blue sUAS", the Department of Defense has fast tracked UAS system development to remain at the forefront of current defensive technology. 

With the creation of Blue sUAS, AFT works with defense corporations across the U.S. with design, propulsion studies, and creation of next generation sUAS to aide the warfighter. The DIU expedites project development directed towards U.S. based companies stripping away the red tape which traditionally limited forward progress. 

As the Acting Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, Michael Kratsios recently stated; "UAS technologies have incredible promise and potential to not only provide great economic benefit for the American people, but also to enhance safety and security for our nation. We need a strong, secure domestic UAS manufacturing base to ensure American leadership in this critical field. Blue sUAS represents a tremendous first step toward building a robust and trusted UAS domestic industrial base that ensures sustained delivery of highly-capable, secure UAS to the warfighters that depend on it."

AFT doesn't stop with development of uncrewed systems, we also focus on defensive measures against sUAS threats as recently shown throughout the Ukrainian conflict. The next generational ground conflict will rely on these defensive measures to provide security of all forward operational bases. Protecting and aided the warfighter is our primary objective.


AFT has secure offices as well as manufacturing facilities in southwest Virginia. We are U.S. exclusive distributors of multiple electronic sUAS components and sensors to allow our production runs to remain Bradley compliant. Contact us today for more information. 

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