With over 20 years of experience in building model aircraft, Josh May launched Autonomous Flight Technologies in 2012 transitioning from Skunkworks Model Aircraft Company. AFT began to manufacture UAS aircraft for professional Industries with the FAA having no previsions regarding professional flight.

After gaining a foothold on the drone market, AFT applied for a 333 exemption to operate UAS aircraft professionally through our National Airspace. 

Josh's deeply rooted passion for flight has never been lost. 

coo & flight operations officer

 In 2012 Paul Stoutamire founded Morning Sun Video company. The company quickly grew to be the leading UAS video provider for the south west Virginia region. Paul's skills for piloting UAS aircraft far exceeded the skill level of any competition in the south east and gained national exposure on social media platforms such as YouTube. 

As a childhood friend of Josh's, the both quickly realized combining skillsets was the best maneuver for both parties. Paul oversees day to day flight operations of AFT and manages the entire flight operations team.


Lead pilot & research and development officer

Whitt Milne began flying and building model aircraft at a very young age. Competing in nationally held flying events across the country, Whitt's skill set in both design as well as piloting skills ranked him as one of the country's top pattern pilots. 

Whitt's passion for aviation grew while he pursued a career in the IT world. As both industries collided with the onset of UAS commercial flight, Whitt quickly realized his goal to pursue work in the UAS industry. Whitt leads all R&D projects with AFT, both commercially and defense.