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Stock Piles

Drone volumetric study in mining

Having a highly accurate inventory assessment is paramount to any aggregate corporation. This service is not only fast but extremely affordable, allowing for assessments done on a monthly or even weekly basis. AFT uses ground control when obtaining our data. We also account for the density of the product to provide the most accurate assessment in the industry. All our flight crews are MSHA certified.  


Drone volumetric study in mining

Site management and future planning present real challenges to mining engineers. Calculating bench totals prior to pulling shots and planning runout are just some of the benefits to having your entire site mapped. The days of 6 month turn-a-round times are long gone. With AFT, we can have your map back within 48 hours of capture, allowing for immediate planning. 


Drone volumetric study in mining

Not only can our in-house software calculate exposed volume totals, we can also accurately measure fills. This technology has been standard among waste management landfill sites across the country since conception. This type of technology can be used across multiple avenues of industry. Contractors can now know precisely how much material will be needed to form grades and develop sites. 

Drone study in mining efficency
Autonomous Flight Technologies Mine Safety & Health Administration Certification
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