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About AFT

Focusing on Uncrewed Systems for over a decade


 Incorporated in 2012, Autonomous Flight Technologies (AFT) began as a research and development firm specializing in manufacturing and progressing advancement for automated Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for use in the United States. Originally based in Roanoke, Virginia; AFT has worked with numerous companies throughout the eastern seaboard as well as many colleges including Virginia Tech


In October of 2015, AFT received an exemption status from the FAA to conduct commercial UAS operations throughout the United States. Our exemption, No. 13319; was approved for the following areas of work: Industrial Mapping, Agricultural Mapping, Research and Development, Emergency Response and Operations Training, sUAS Operator Training, Real Estate Photography and Cinematography, and Product Demonstrations.


Since receiving our exemption status, AFT is committed to providing UAS flight operations for the above-mentioned industries. Our work has evolved our company into two basic departments:


  • The first being a full audio and visual production company. We have provided production for college campuses, private corporations, professional design and cinematography firms and film companies, as well as news and media outlets.


  • The second department is geared towards industry specific needs. Whether it being aggregate assessments, construction BIM progression and assessment, industrial inspection and mapping, engineering firms, SARS and emergency management evaluation, or agricultural inspection; we have yet to find a specific industry the does not benefit from the services we provide. 


Early in the beginning of 2016, AFT joined and supported fellow UAS industries along with Virginia Tech’s (VTTI) department to create a local AUVSI charter for the SWVA corridor. Since founded, Ridge & Valley AUVSI, has worked diligently with Gov. Terry McAuliffe to establish our SWVA as a “UAS Hotbed” advocating the advancement of UAS industry in the area. In doing so, the charter recently presented figures estimating local UAS industry will create more than 3500 new jobs and adding $2.7 billion to the state’s local economy within the first decade.

Autonomous Flight Technologies, Inc (AFT) is a privately owned and operated company specializing in the advancement of small scale aircraft related to the UAV/UAS industry. For over 15 years we have stayed in the forefront of this expanding industry by obtaining, flying, and researching all aspects regarding small unmanned aircraft carrying payloads of up to 10 pounds/ 4.5 kilograms.

AFT is fully authorized to operate UAS commercially across the United States. Our crews offer everything from professional filming and photography to industry specific mapping and monitoring.  No job too big or small, having multiple crews allows us to  serve multiple clients across the country.

Autonomous Flight Technologies  is working diligently to create industry specific packages to suit any and all needs. Autonomous mapping, environmental monitoring, surveillance, aerial photography and filming, and much more. You provide us with the your aerial needs and we can build the aircraft to suit.

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Our Clients

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