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The advent of "uncrewed autonomous systems" technology has witnessed a revolution in the way work is accomplished. Speed, efficiency, and costs have all been positively impacted by these solutions. Whether operating on the land or on the sea or air, AFT has an autonomous solution for your industry. 

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With multiple decades of design and development of UAS systems; AFT actively pushes the limits of current technology.

Contours, Mapping, & Line Work

For over 10 years AFT has been servicing engineering firms, contractors, and aggregate industries across the United States with expert data acquisition and processing. 



Highly accurate volume totals of both current inventory, futures cuts, and present fill requirements of any terrain.


Digital Twins

1:1 computer aided design reconstruction of existing infrastructure. 

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Construction Progress Monitoring

Start keeping track with accurate real time progression reports as well as milestone reporting for your site development. 

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Modeling & Inspection

Precision detail, labeling, and current status of challenging subjects requiring preventative inspection. 


Earth Works

Highly detailed grades, benches, vegetation and other features mapped and collected for planning.

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