Aerial photography and filming has always been a specialty for AFT. We have a full in-house production team. We have done work for multiple large filming companies as well have produced multiple advertisements for firms worldwide.

 Recent innovative advancements exploding in all aspects of photography have made high definition filming and photos extraordinary. Utilizing gyro-stabilized gimbal systems aboard our aircraft can produce a platform rendering crane style filming all tied into the custom avionics package.

AFT uses the latest studio cameras capable of capturing RAW 4k footage. We also carry equipment which can hoist RED cameras in the air, however it is our experience as well as recommendation to use the more advanced smaller studio cameras which capture image without loss. Utilizing a true 4/3 sensor with a host of interchangeable lenses. 

FPV or First Person View creates an immersion experience unimaginable to the average photographer while also allowing for a single pilot/photographer aircraft. With a pair of video goggles/glasses and a transmitter, one can fly and film simultaneously. Equipping head tracking software allows the freedom to look where you want in the sky while sitting safely on the ground. Basically your camera for both real time video and photography "track" the movements and position of your head. We can also perform flight while independent filming directors can "fly the camera" giving them freedom to capture their own shots. 

Below are a few examples.

Click here to visit our vimeo page for more works.


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