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Maintaining our national power and communications grid is a critical and demanding task. With ever changing and growing technology our current infrastructure is being pressed to the limit everyday. Whether expanding on current transmission lines or ground breaking for completely new systems, UAS technology is paramount in delivering critical data for construction. 

Renewable energy systems requires drone technology based on the size and complexity of these expansive projects. The average wind turbine stands over 250 feet. These power generating structures require constant maintenance and inspection to operate safely and efficiently. Sensors on our UAS equipment make rapid work of completing this task without the engineering team being in harms way. These inspections provide a 70% reduction in overall costs decreasing overhead of renewable energy even further. 

Wireless communication towers are a common sight, but with the advent of 5G, the need to inspect and verify proper alignment of the radio arrays will only increase over time.  With over a quarter million cell towers and a half a million cell sites across our nation, keeping these sites operational may seem daunting at first, but with the advantages of speed and detail, sUAS data gathering is a no-brainer.  The ever expanding 5G grid requires sixty cell sites per square mile with current user density.  AFT produces digital twins of communication arrays that engineers and inspect and verify as shown to the right.

communications 5G drone inspection photogrammetry
energy drone inspection communications 5G

Current power infrastructure can be dated as far back as the 1940's. Proper inspection of these critical elements is not only imperative with their age, it is simply mandatory. AFT can help inspect and identify hazards before they become incidents resulting in unplanned outages and potential catastrophes.  

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