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Modeling & Inspection

Technology Of Tomorrow

Sparse cloud mapping drone silo AFT

Dense Cloud

Base Framework



As with any data, to offer the best results the magic is in the capture. Whether using LiDAR or traditional photogrammetry, if you do not properly gather your data, the end result will be very apparent. AFT has been gathering aerial data for maps for over a decade. In doing so, we have worked with the largest firms in the business to standardize data capture. Some of our techniques are proprietary to the company which produce incredible maps. Some of which are shown throughout the industry in examples on other websites. AFT processes all of our data internally with our own servers specifically designed for security, performance, and speed. All of our work goes through our processing department with real eyes on every map (you will never see an AFT map with a road looking like a slice of bacon). With this control, we can not only turn around maps in rapid time, but can also address issues in real-time.  




Digital Twin

Creating a computer aided model (CAD) of an object with a 1:1 scale is called a "Digital Twin". These models having the same scale can be accurately measured. This greatly increases the accuracy as well as speed typical structure inspections incur. All this can be done with zero safety concerns. Crews do not need to find themselves precariously hanging above hazards or tremendous heights. Capturing these models is not an automated process. AFT flight crews are all trained extensively to data capture some of the most challenging structures. Our portfolio speaks for itself. All of our work remains proprietary assuring the final deliverables are secure to our clients. 

Digital model photogrammetry drone

Textured Model

Final Model

AFT produces some of the finest quality digital twins in the industry. Our work is found throughout the internet and in major industry publications.  Both consistency and accuracy remain at the top of our expectations when providing data to clients. AFT has a 100% client retention rate and has always stood by our "if its not right, we don't invoice" policy


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