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UAS Mapping

Engineering Tomorrow's Technology Today

Aerial Mapping

aerial mapping construction roadway drone

AFT first entered the industrial UAS service industry focusing on aerial surveying. Working with engineering firms worldwide, we pioneered the best practices for aerial data retrieval. We have maintained our relationships with now the largest data services across the globe and consult as well as help develop the latest in sensor technology.

Elevation Modeling

digital elevation modeling drone

AFT uses the latest technology for data capturing and setting ground control. This allows our service providers to offer centimeter accuracy in regard to elevation, geospatial location, and all deliverables. We continue to strive for excellence when capturing and processing each individual dataset. Very few companies globally possess the skillset and portfolio AFT continues to build daily. 

Line Work

line work dataset drone

Our services include in-house secured processing of all our datasets. This not only allows for outside line work to be implemented but we can offer deliverables to accompany almost any software packages available to date. Having complete control over our internal processing provides security unmatched by cloud based systems. Our quality control is completely hands on with eyes on every map. 

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