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Digital Twins

The Way of the future

digital twin cell tower drone UAV

A new revolution has begun in the age of CAD (Computer Aided Modeling) software. Enter "Digital Twins". A digital twin is a 1:1 representation of a structure in computer cyberspace. These models can be used to design expansions, examine structural integrity, and present measured data for outside development. 

Our flight crews can gather data during normal operational hours without impacting any production on site. This provides minimal if any impact during data capture. Our models can be turned around in rapid time on our secure servers.  In most instances our crews can upload data from the capture site and begin processing prior to returning to our offices. 

digital model silo drone photogrammetry

By utilizing a digital twin captured with uncrewed systems, safety risks nearly are eliminated from concern. All of our flight crews are licensed and insured as well as extensively trained to further mitigate site specific hazards

digital model dam composite photogrammetry drone
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